Anne Tucker, Owner, President and General Manager of Cascade Radon, Inc. is an EPA-certified radon testing and mitigation specialist, a member of the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST), and an active participant in the Oregon Radon Coalition.

Anne has been involved with radon educational outreach programs through numerous county, state, Native American tribal agencies, as well as the American Lung Association.

Anne graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a BA degree in biology, and also holds an MA degree from Oregon State University.

Steve Tucker, Vice President of Cascade Radon, Inc. was first certified by the EPA in 1991, and has been a building designer and licensed construction contractor for 35 years.

Steve has served on ANSI/AARST National Radon Standards committees for Schools, New Construction, and Large Buildings. Steve has also represented the American Lung Association for radon-related legislation, and is currently a member of both the Oregon State Board of Geologist Examiners and AARST Board of Directors.

Cascade Radon has reduced radon levels to below the EPA Action Level of 4 pCi/L (picocuries per liter) in every structure we have worked on (frequently below 1.0 pCi/L)...including some with initial radon levels over 500 pCi/L.  

Utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques, including the use of continuous electronic radon monitors, we provide quick and accurate testing to determine radon levels, aid in system design, as well as assess mitigation effectiveness.  

Our work has included testing, mitigation, consulting, and system design in Oregon, Washington, and California, addressing homes, schools, commercial, public and multi-family properties. This list also includes new "Radon-Resistant" construction projects.  

In addition to our years of experience with radon, a solid background in construction design and building techniques allows us to assess what can and can't be done when installing radon systems.

Background Highlights

  • State of Oregon: System Design and Mitigation
  • Salem/Kaiser Public Schools: System Design, Testing, and Mitigation
  • City of Portland: System Design and Mitigation
  • City of Vancouver: System Design and Mitigation
  • City of Washougal: Consulting, Testing, and Mitigation
  • City of Camas: Consulting, Testing, and Mitigation
  • Portland Public Schools: Radon Consultant
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service: Testing and Mitigation
  • Portland Housing Authority: System Design and Mitigation
  • Vancouver Housing Authority: System Design and Mitigation
  • Corvallis Housing Authority: System design and Mitigation
  • Los Angeles Public Schools: Testing in conjunction with the EPA
  • Santa Barbara Public Schools: Consultant and Mitigation
  • California State Department of Health's radon advisory board member
  • AARST National Radon Standards for New Construction Committee
  • AARST National Radon Standards for Schools and Large Buildings Committiee
  • Oregon Codes Division Radon Gas Mitigation Standards Workgroup for residential and public buildings
  • Technical Assistant: EPA's Western Regional Radon Mitigation Training Course
  • American Lung Association's Radon Education Outreach Committee
  • Radon-Resistant Design: With Ankrom Moisan Architects, LRS Architects, SERA Architects, Holst Architecture, and GBD Architects
  • Sharp Micro Electronics Research and Development: Testing
  • Street of Dreams: Radon consultant
  • Classes and presentations on radon for adult education programs, real estate offices, rental housing associations, HOA's, the American Lung Association, building officials associations, and public health department educational outreach programs

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